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How it Works

  1. 1 Customers who make a purchase from will automatically receive an email containing a unique referral link. Clicking the sign-up button below will also allow you to join the MyJeep Referral program without making a purchase, and will take you to your personalized referral corner containing a unique referral link.
  2. 2 Forward the link to your friends or share it online. Your friends even get a 5% off coupon code to use toward their purchase!
  3. 3 If your friends complete a purchase via your unique referral link, you receive 3% of their purchase price IN CASH!*
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*Rewards are paid out via PayPal (must have a valid PayPal account). Participant is given 3% of referred friend’s purchase plus 2 of their subsequent purchases. Purchase price does not include shipping or tax charges, only total product sales. A participant can refer as many friends as they want. Rewards are paid out every billing cycle (once a month). The minimum purchase amount for a referred friend to count towards the cash reward is $15.00. Participants only have to bring in 1 referred purchase to be eligible for a cash reward. Referred friends receive a coupon code offer of 5% off of their first purchase. Participants will receive an email immediately after making a purchase from that will contain instructions on how to enroll.